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Peak’s unique and powerful dual-approach to content tutoring recognizes that most students who struggle in school do not suffer from a lack of inherent ability, rather they have not yet fully developed as learners. Therefore, while reviewing and teaching key material and concepts is an important part of Peak’s approach to tutoring, it is through teaching students invaluable metacognitive and academic skills that we empower them to thrive academically. Utilizing this dual approach to tutoring, our expert teachers provide individualized instruction in virtually all subject areas from middle school through college.


We probably work with more students in math than in any other area. Go figure! From multiplication tables to Calculus and everywhere in between, we have teachers with the experience and knowledge you’re looking for.


Our approach to math tutoring is two-fold:

  • Address current concepts in class to ensure immediate student success
  • Strengthen foundational math skills integral to future understanding and success in math

Sciences - Chemistry, Biology, Physics and more

Each area of science is different and requires a unique set of study skills/habits. In other words, the keys to success in Biology are not exactly the same as those for Physics, or Chemistry. Knowing this, we make sure students are employing the right skills for the right subject.


Also, science textbooks might be the most helpful, and underutilized, textbooks in a student’s backpack. We teach students how to take advantage of all of the wonderful learning tools available in their science textbooks so they can become strong self learners.


Oh, and science is how we got started in this business in the first place. We know and love science!


World Languages

World languages continually build upon previously learned information; therefore, once a student falls behind it quickly becomes very difficult for them to catch up without additional help. Don’t wait for the gap to widen; get help now.


An important component of student success in a foreign language is study skills. A student must organize, process and memorize large amounts of vocabulary, verb conjugation and potentially confusing grammar rules. Without the needed study skills this is a daunting challenge for students.


We address the students' issues with content as well as their underdeveloped study skills. This leads not only to improved success in learning the language but also allows students to learn to eventually succeed without the need for extra help.


Language Arts / Writing / English

We cannot express more strongly the importance of developing strong writing skills. Students who cannot effectively communicate their ideas in writing will suffer in virtually every subject they take, and these issues will persist into adulthood and the workplace. 


The ability to communicate effectively through writing is enormously important and a skill that is needed throughout life. We help students develop strong written communication skills, improve essay writing, improve literary analysis and more.


Social Sciences

Success in the social sciences requires strong academic skills and habits, particularly quality note-taking in class and from the textbook, effective reading strategies and utilization of the textbook and other resources, strong organizational skills, and effective study skills and metacognitive understanding of learning. Typically, students who find themselves struggling in the social sciences are lacking one or more of these skills and, therefore, fall behind. Peak has experienced social sciences instructors that couple direct instruction with modeling and development of the academic skills and habits students need to succeed in these courses.



AP and IB courses cover the highest level high school material possible (college level actually, as you know), so it’s not easy to find teachers who have the knowledge and skills to teach these courses.  Peak was founded by a former IB teacher and is staffed by highly qualified teachers who not only know the content of these courses, but also know the curricula.  


If you’re falling behind or need some extra help preparing for the exit exam, we’re here.


IB Students / Parents – We can also help you with

  • IA’s
  • Extended Essay
  • IB exams


Offering the most comprehensive, highest quality educational assistance available to students, families, and schools.
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