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Online tutoring is the way of the future, and the future is here now! When Drew Sarmiere, Founder of Peak Learning Solutions, began developing Peak’s online tutoring program he knew that the best approach to online tutoring would mimic effective in-person tutoring as closely as possible. With that in mind, he created the Peak Online Learning Method.


 Why work online with Peak Learning Solutions? 

  • Live Audio – effective teaching requires effective communication.  This cannot be achieved through the “live chat” and instant messaging found with so many other online tutoring options.
  • Live Video – there’s an important rapport that needs to develop between students and teachers for highly effective learning to take place.  This student-teacher relationship is hindered without visual communication.  Furthemore, there are important nonverbal components to communication.  Teachers must carefully read nonverbal clues to learning and understanding as much as verbal.
  • Document/information sharing – students often need help understanding materials that have been provided in class (worksheets, workbooks, textbooks, etc).  Therefore, students and teachers need to be able to share these documents back and forth with ease.  With Peak’s dual webcam platform, students and teachers can work from each other’s materials displayed directly on the computer screen.  This can all be done “on the fly” without the need to scan documents and email them back and forth between student and teacher.
  • Efficient – ironically, the same technology that allows online tutoring to occur in the first place can also get in the way. For example, Peak initially began experimenting with digital tablets (commonly used with other organizations) and found that, more often than not, they slowed communication and the learning process rather than facilitating them.  Peak’s online tutoring method allows students and teaches to write on pen and paper which is displayed in real time on the other’s computer.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.
  • Convenient – if the technology isn’t easy to set up and use, students will become frustrated and turned off.  Setting up the Peak Online Learning Method of tutoring is free and easy to do.  It’s virtually plug-and-play.
  • Effective – in the end, if it’s not effective it’s not worth doing.  Peak already offers the highest quality in-person tutoring available and maintains an excellent reputation; so, there was no way we were going to sully our good name with an inferior online service.  We achieve the same excellent results meeting online that we achieve meeting in-person.

Online tutoring is a must for families that:

  • have hectic schedules and can’t afford to lose time traveling to and from tutoring
  • have busy lives and homes in which meeting at home is overly distracting or ineffective for tutoring
  • do not live in close proximity to high quality academic coaching and tutoring services

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We understand that, for some students and situations, meeting online is not the best fit. Moderate to severe learning differences or attention deficits are good examples of when online learning might not be as effective as in-person tutoring.  After your first session, if you feel that online tutoring is not the right fit for your child we will not charge you for the time.

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