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At Peak, we are committed to working with students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. With this intent, we spend significant time and energy each year developing programs and providing services to students who otherwise could not afford them. Peak also sets aside a portion of its revenue each year, called the Peak Learning Solutions Scholarship, in devotion to this mission.

We encourage schools to reach out to us to discuss ways we can help them support their students, particularly those that cannot afford private academic support. In some cases, we provide our services for free, in others we do so at highly discounted rates. We can provide our current services as they are, or we can create a unique program tailored to a school’s specific needs. If you are an educator and would like to learn more about how we can help, please reach out.

In addition to working directly with schools, we also partner with non-profit organizations to support their students. Some of these organizations are associated with schools, others are not.

A few of the organizations with whom we have worked include:

  • A+ Angels - a mentoring group at East High School
  • GW IBLA - a support group for Latino students
  • I Have a Dream Foundation
  • Blue Sky Fund - a foundation that provides test prep and college counseling for at risk students
  • Urban Peak - an organization that provides housing and support services for homeless youth

If you have a need, or if you are interested in supporting at-risk students, please reach out to us. We are always eager to develop more ways in which we can further our mission to support students of all socioeconomic backgrounds.