Signs Your Child Needs Extra School Support and How You Can Help

By Steven Darby - June 3, 2024

Worried about your child’s progress at school? As a parent, it can be challenging to get a clear picture of how your teen is doing, especially at the start of a new term. If you suspect they might be struggling with school-related anxiety or need additional support, it's important to check in with them and ask how you can help.

Here are five key signs that your teen might be having a difficult time and what you can do to support them.

1. They Get Angry When You Bring Up School

Teenagers often experience mood swings due to the rapid changes and development in their brains. However, if you notice a significant shift in their mood since school started, it could indicate they need extra support. They might have gaps in their learning or find it hard to keep up with homework. Frequent outbursts of anger may signal that their confidence has taken a hit and they’re feeling frustrated.

2. They Spend Too Much Time on Homework

It’s normal for teens to spend more time on their work as they advance to higher levels. However, if they’re struggling for hours on the same topic, they might need extra help. Check in with them by offering snacks or assistance, and observe their body language. If they appear hunched over and deflated, it’s likely they’re stuck and could benefit from additional support.

3. They’re Not Sleeping or Eating Well

Struggles at school can negatively impact your teen’s mental and physical health. Stress from doubting themselves or difficulties in making friends might be keeping them up at night. Look for signs of sleep deprivation: do they appear tired, fall asleep in class, or nap at odd times? Increased irritability can also be a clue. Similarly, stress can affect their appetite, leading to either under-eating or overeating. Skipping meals or indulging in excessive junk food are both red flags.

4. They’ve Lost Interest in Their Usual Hobbies

Hobbies and interests are crucial for your teen’s well-being, helping them balance work and play. If they start pulling away from activities they once enjoyed, it could be a sign of low mood or school-related anxiety. Encouraging them to re-engage with their interests can help boost their spirits and provide a much-needed break from academic pressures.

5. They’re Spending a Lot of Time Alone

If your teen is avoiding friends and isolating themselves more than usual, it might indicate they’re going through a tough time. Watch for behaviors like lying in bed staring at the ceiling or spending hours on their screens. Social withdrawal can be a sign that they’re dealing with more than they can handle on their own.

How Can You Help If They’re Struggling with School Anxiety?

It’s completely normal to worry if your teen is experiencing school anxiety. Here are some steps you can take to help them open up and find the support they need.

Have Regular Chats

Regular, non-pressured conversations make it easier for your teen to open up. There’s no quick fix, but by asking them, “What can I do to help?” you might be surprised at how much they share. With consistent encouragement and dialogue, you can help them figure out how to get back on track.

Reach Out for Academic Support

Sometimes, teens need expert help. If you’ve heard from teachers that your child struggles with organization, or if you’ve seen them having a hard time with homework, it might be time to consider seeking academic assistance. Our team at Peak Learning Solutions offers expert help in breaking down tricky topics and providing guidance on effective study habits. This can make a significant difference in your teen’s confidence and overall happiness at school.

Encourage Them to Join a Club

Teens want to fit in, and it’s tough when they don’t. If they’re having trouble making friends, encourage them to join a club or try a new activity that interests them. If bullying is an issue, get in touch with the school to develop a plan that ensures your child feels safe and supported.

By staying attentive to these signs and taking proactive steps, you can provide your teen with the support they need to thrive academically and emotionally.

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