Mastering ACT English Test Prep Structure

By Steven Darby - April 1, 2024

Understanding the Test Structure:

The ACT English Test comprises 75 questions to be answered in a brisk 45-minute timeframe. It consists of five passages, each followed by 15 questions. These questions primarily fall into two categories: Punctuation and Grammar, and Rhetorical Skills.

Pacing Strategies:

With roughly 9 minutes allocated per passage, pacing isn't typically a concern for most students. However, efficient time management remains crucial. We advise students to maintain a steady pace throughout the test, ensuring they allocate sufficient time to each passage and its associated questions.

Effective Approaches:

Encourage your child to adopt a comprehensive approach to reading each passage. Stress the importance of reading attentively from start to finish, avoiding the temptation to skip sections between questions. This ensures they grasp the passage's flow and context, aiding comprehension and facilitating accurate answers.

Reading Techniques:

Reading with proper inflection is paramount. Emphasize the importance of reading aloud, focusing on enunciation and tone. Encourage your child to pause and restart sentences if they stumble or misread, promoting accuracy and understanding.

Identifying Question Types:

Train your child to differentiate between Punctuation/Grammar (PG) and Rhetorical Skills (RS) questions. PG questions typically offer answer choices, while RS questions pose direct queries about the passage's intent or purpose.

Analyzing Answer Choices:

Encourage analytical thinking when evaluating answer choices. Emphasize the significance of discerning similarities and differences among options, aiding in accurate selection based on context and relevance.

Key Terminology:

Ensure your child is familiar with essential terms like nouns, pronouns, subjects, verbs, and clauses. This foundational knowledge forms the bedrock of effective grammar comprehension and application.

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