ACT Science Exception: Bulleted or Numbered Information

By Steven Darby - March 20, 2024

While the general rule is to annotate visual data, exceptions exist for bulleted or numbered information and given equations, including chemical equations. In this post, we'll explore when and why your child should pay close attention to these exceptions to ensure accuracy in their responses. Understand the nuances of ACT Science to help your child excel.

In the ACT Science section, most of the focus is on annotating visual data. However, there are exceptions that your child should be aware of:

  • Bulleted or Numbered Information: Your child should always pay close attention to bulleted or numbered information in passages. This text often provides crucial details for answering questions.

  • Given Equations: Equations, including chemical equations, should never be overlooked. They are essential for solving specific problems within the passage.

By understanding these exceptions, your child can navigate ACT Science passages with precision and ensure that no important information is missed. Encourage them to practice identifying and using these exceptions effectively.

These comprehensive posts provide parents with valuable insights into ACT Science strategies, covering various passage types and effective annotation techniques. By mastering these skills, your child can approach ACT Science with confidence, ultimately leading to improved scores and greater academic success.

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