Dueling Scientists: Focusing on Conclusions

By Steven Darby - March 20, 2024

The last sentence of each "scientist" in dueling scientist passages typically contains their conclusion or main idea. This blog post emphasizes the importance of annotating these sentences, as they often hold the key to understanding the passage. Equip your child with the skills needed to decode dueling scientist passages successfully.

In dueling scientist passages, identifying conclusions is essential for understanding the scientists' viewpoints. Here's why focusing on the last sentences of each "scientist" is crucial:

  • Conclusion or Main Idea: The last sentence often encapsulates the scientist's conclusion or main idea. It's a concise summary of their viewpoint.

  • Key Information: The conclusions can contain the most critical information needed to answer questions about the passage.

  • Annotating for Clarity: Encourage your child to annotate these sentences for clarity. Mark them clearly to ensure they can be easily referred to when answering questions.

By teaching your child to focus on the conclusions in dueling scientist passages, you equip them with a valuable strategy for tackling this challenging passage type effectively.

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