Tables: Unraveling Trends and Annotating Titles

By Steven Darby - March 20, 2024

Tables are another type of visual data your child will encounter in ACT Science. Learning how to mark trends within tables and annotate table titles can streamline the information-gathering process. Let's delve into effective table-reading strategies.

Tables are a common sight in ACT Science passages, and they present data in a structured format. To navigate these tables effectively, your child should follow these strategies:

  • Mark Trends: Encourage your child to look for trends within the data. If values are increasing or decreasing, use symbols like arrows or highlights to annotate these trends.

  • Annotate Titles: Always make sure your child annotates the titles of tables. The titles often provide essential context for understanding the data.

By mastering these strategies, your child can confidently approach tables in ACT Science passages and extract the information needed to answer questions accurately.

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