Effective Study Schedules: Timing for Social Studies Success

By Steven Darby - February 5, 2024

Success in social studies and history classes hinges on effective study schedules and preparation strategies. We recommend that students allocate 3-4 days to complete their study guides, starting at least 2 days before the scheduled assessment. This extended timeframe allows for in-depth review and thoughtful responses.

Students should avoid the common mistake of cramming information onto the study guide and instead write detailed answers on lined paper. The final 1-2 days before the assessment should be dedicated to quizzing over the study guide topics. Topics that are marked three or more times should be prioritized for extensive review before the assessment.

On the day of the test, encourage your child to arrive at school early and review the marked topics in-class before the test is administered. This last-minute revision can boost their confidence and improve their performance. With proper timing and study planning, your child can excel in social studies and history classes.

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