Redoing the Toughest Problems: A Math Success Strategy

By Steven Darby - January 23, 2024

Math can be a challenging subject for many students, but there are effective strategies that can significantly improve problem-solving skills. One such strategy is redoing the toughest problems. When students encounter challenging math problems, it's important not to simply move on but to revisit and redo these problems.

Redoing the toughest problems serves several purposes. First, it reinforces the concepts and methods involved in solving those specific problems. This practice helps students internalize the problem-solving process and gain a deeper understanding of the material. It also boosts their confidence in tackling similar problems in the future.

Additionally, redoing challenging problems provides an opportunity for students to identify and address any misconceptions or gaps in their knowledge. It's a form of targeted practice that allows them to focus on their weaknesses and work on improving them.

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