Unlocking the Power of Annotation in ACT Science

By Steven Darby - March 7, 2024

Annotation is a valuable tool in the ACT Science section. Teaching your child how to effectively annotate graphs, charts, and diagrams can make a world of difference.

ACT Science is not just about reading—it's also about interpreting visual data. This is where annotation comes into play. Annotation involves marking up the graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams provided in the science passages. It's a powerful technique for helping your child understand and remember important information.

Here are some key annotation tips to share with your child:

  • Annotate the Axes: Encourage your child to label the axes of graphs and charts. Knowing what's being measured on each axis is crucial for interpreting the data correctly.

  • Mark Noticeable Trends: If there's a clear trend in the data, such as an increase or decrease, have your child mark it with an arrow or a highlighter. This makes it easier to refer back to when answering questions.

  • Use a Key for Labels: In passages with multiple lines or data sets, create a key to label each one. This way, your child can easily reference the different elements without confusion.

  • Annotate Titles: Make sure your child annotates the titles of tables, graphs, and charts. Sometimes, the title contains vital information that's necessary to answer questions accurately.

  • Note the "Shape" of Data: For line graphs, have your child pay attention to the shape of each line. Is it steep? Gradual? Flat? This can provide insights into the data.

By mastering the art of annotation, your child can navigate the visual aspects of ACT Science with confidence and accuracy. Encourage them to practice this skill and refine their annotation techniques for the best results.

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