Mastering ACT Science: A Strategic Approach to Passages

By Steven Darby - March 4, 2024

In the world of ACT Science, time management is a key factor that can significantly impact your child's performance. One effective strategy involves selective reading, where your child learns not to read the descriptions in the passages. This approach can save valuable time and enhance overall performance.

Time management is crucial when tackling the ACT Science section. With a total of 35 minutes to complete 40 questions, your child needs to allocate their time effectively. One valuable strategy is selective reading, which means that your child won't read the descriptions in the science passages unless absolutely necessary.

Why skip the descriptions? It's all about saving time. The descriptions can be lengthy and often contain information that isn't directly relevant to the questions. By bypassing these sections, your child can dive straight into the data—graphs, charts, tables, and experiments—and begin answering questions more quickly.

So, how does your child know when to read and when to skip? The key is in the questions themselves. If a question specifically asks about information found in the passage's description, then it's time to go back and read that part. Otherwise, focus on the visuals and data that directly relate to the questions.

Mastering this selective reading approach can lead to more efficient time management during the ACT Science section, giving your child a better chance of answering all the questions accurately. Encourage your child to practice this strategy to see how it works best for them.

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