English Excellence: Strategies for a Deeper Understanding

By Steven Darby - January 8, 2024

English class offers an opportunity for students to explore literature and develop critical thinking skills. At Peak Learning Solutions DTC, we're committed to helping your child excel in English by providing strategies for a deeper understanding of literary works. Before or at the start of a new book being assigned, we recommend organizing and printing a character list, which can serve as a helpful bookmark. Encourage your child to add character relationships to this list as they read, helping them keep track of the story's intricacies.

Additionally, our tutors emphasize the importance of themes, motifs, and symbols in literature. Understanding these elements can provide a richer reading experience. We suggest organizing, printing, and discussing these literary aspects with your child to give them a deeper insight into metaphorical and symbolic meanings within the text.

When it comes to Socratic Seminars, we encourage students to prepare by writing out questions for discussion in class. This preparation helps them actively engage in class discussions and contribute meaningfully. Finally, we stress the importance of minimizing distractions, such as putting away the phone while reading, to fully immerse themselves in the world of literature and extract its full meaning.

With our guidance, your child can unlock the true potential of their English class experience, gaining a deeper understanding of literary works and improving their performance.

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