History Homework Hacks: Maximizing Study Time

By Steven Darby - January 8, 2024

History and social studies classes often require a deep understanding of complex topics and extensive knowledge retention. At Peak Learning Solutions DTC, we understand the challenges students face in these subjects and offer valuable strategies to help them succeed. One of the key factors in history success is the quality of study guides. Many students make the mistake of cramming information onto the study guide, resulting in incomplete and superficial answers.

To combat this, we recommend that students complete their study guides over several days, ideally two days before the assessment. This gradual approach allows for comprehensive coverage of the material. Additionally, the last 1-2 days before an assessment should be spent quizzing over the study guide topics. Any topic missed during these quizzes should be marked for further review. Topics marked three or more times should be reviewed extensively before the assessment, and students should also allocate time to review these marked topics in-class on the day of the test.

By following these study guide strategies and adopting a proactive approach to history and social studies classes, your child can achieve a deeper understanding of the subject matter and perform better in assessments.

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