The Digital SAT and College Admissions: A Holistic Approach

By Steven Darby - December 11, 2023

As the Digital SAT becomes the new standard in standardized testing, its role in college admissions remains significant. In this blog, we'll dive deeper into how colleges view the Digital SAT in the context of a holistic admissions process and what it means for students.


College admissions have always been holistic, taking into account various aspects of a student's profile beyond just test scores. The Digital SAT aligns well with this approach. Colleges consider SAT scores from the digital test as they do with the traditional paper and pencil format—as one part of a larger picture of the student's achievements, interests, and potential.


The transition to the Digital SAT also emphasizes the importance of digital literacy—a skill that's becoming increasingly relevant in today's world. By taking the Digital SAT, students demonstrate their ability to engage with technology and adapt to digital environments, skills that are valuable in both education and the workforce.


Furthermore, the digital format enhances the overall testing experience. Faster score reporting and a streamlined test day process provide students with more timely and accurate feedback, enabling them to make informed decisions about their college applications.


As we continue to explore the Digital SAT series, we'll delve further into how the test fits into the broader landscape of college admissions and how students can leverage their Digital SAT scores to enhance their applications. DTC 720-737-9221

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