Benefits of the Digital SAT: What Students and Educators Can Expect

By Steven Darby - November 30, 2023

The shift to the Digital SAT marks a significant transformation in standardized testing, and with it come a host of benefits for both students and educators. In this blog, we'll explore the advantages that the digital format brings to the table and how they enhance the testing experience for everyone involved.


Faster score reporting is one of the standout benefits of the digital SAT. With scores delivered in days instead of weeks, students can receive timely feedback on their performance, allowing them to plan their academic paths more effectively. Additionally, the overall test day experience is streamlined. Most preadministration activities, such as downloading the exam application and completing the student questionnaire, occur in advance, saving valuable time on test day.


Flexibility is another key advantage. The digital SAT will be offered on a laptop or tablet, enabling students to take the test at their convenience. Whether using a personal device or a school-issued one, the testing application provides a seamless interface for a smooth testing experience. For students who don't have access to a device, College Board offers the option to borrow one, ensuring equitable access to the digital SAT.


Educators will also benefit from the transition. The digital format allows for more flexibility in test administration, enabling schools, districts, and states to choose when, where, and how often to administer the SAT. This flexibility ensures that students have the best possible testing environment, enhancing their overall experience.


In the coming blogs, we'll continue to delve into the advantages of the digital SAT, exploring how this transition empowers both students and educators to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of education and testing.

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