Dawn H (parent)
I do not know words that can properly express my appreciation for the direction you have provided–and all with such amazing patience and understanding.
Ken & Beth G. (parent)
We recommend Peak Learning Solutions to help high school students who could benefit from tutoring to supplement classroom learning for some of the more challenging courses such as algebra and chemistry. This has been of great help to our daughter.
Doug P. (parent)
Peak Learning Solutions has contributed to Olivia’s academic success in two ways. First, working with the tutors at peak learning helped Olivia develop good study habits and techniques. While Olivia remains a “reluctant” student, she now has a framework to organize her efforts and be productive. Second, Peak has provided high level tutors who possess the substantive knowledge to assist with upper level classes. Peak has exceeded my expectations.
Kerry S. (parent)
Our family has been very pleased with Peak Learning Solutions and we highly recommended this team to other families. Whether your child needs help in a particular subject area or needs to work on time management and organization skills at the high school level, Peak Learning is a wonderful resource.
Jane P. (parent)
Our daughter, Ally, is a senior and has worked with a tutor at Peak Learning for both AP Statistics (during her senior year) and Chemistry (during her junior year). I think she obtained significant benefits from her tutoring sessions. We saw great improvement in her confidence level, her test scores and her overall understanding and enjoyment of these classes. As a parent, I really appreciated receiving updates after each tutoring session. Ally really enjoyed her tutor and looked forward to working with her. In addition, our son Ryan is a junior and has been working with a tutor at Peak Learning in Chemistry this semester. Ryan missed a lot of classes at the beginning of this semester due to illnesses and fell behind in Chemistry. He was overwhelmed by the prospect of getting caught up while keeping up with the ongoing lessons. Working with his tutor really saved his semester. I don't think he would have been able to catch up and keep up with his class without his tutor's help.
Meg F. (parent)
I am thrilled to recommend Peak Learning Solutions. Both of our children (grades 9 and 10) have been using Peak’s tutoring services this year to support them in Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra 2, respectively. Peak has also helped our son with overall study and organizational skills. The results have been great. Our son now has a solid B in Geometry and our daughter just told me her latest grade in Algebra 2 is now an A! Most importantly, their confidence and attitude around math has increased substantially. I would recommend Peak Learning Solutions to any family whose child needs extra support in a specific subject or with study skills in general.
Carolyn O. (parent)
I just wanted to write and say thanks for helping out Bill and Canton so much in the past year and a half. The help that Bill got with Chemistry his sophomore year at GW was invaluable. It not only got him through the class, but I think he retained more as well. Canton has benefited as well from Chemistry and Math tutoring over the past year. This year, working with an academic coach, has saved his junior year. It has helped him learn study skills, organizational practices, and time management. Please feel free to use us as a reference.
Cary L. (parent)
Peak Learning has been instrumental in their impact on my son’s readiness for the ACT and SAT. His scores have improved dramatically as well as his test taking abilities. The skills he has learned have also transferred over to his classroom work at East. He reads and understands test questions better in all subjects and his confidence overall in all academic areas has increased dramatically. I attribute this directly to his work with Peak. In addition, Peak has been very communicative with us and touches base with us regularly. I would not hesitate in recommending Peak to any of my friends, and would be happy to have my name listed for a resource.
Diane M. (parent)
Mary took the reading test last night and only missed four! I am in awe of her transformation!
Amanda M. (student)
Thanks for the great class! I enjoyed learning new material and I feel more at ease going into chemistry class.
Doug H. (student)
Thanks for the tutoring. You helped a lot and I learned a lot!
Dana G. (parent)
Kerrigan got an 81 on the chem final!!! Hurray!!! Thank you!! She is ecstatic, and we are so grateful for all your help!
Madison M. (student)
I got an A in history . . . . I am soooooooooooo excited :)
Hunter M. (student)
I can’t tell you how much Peak has helped me, and I probably wouldn’t have made it through the class without your help. Thank you very much for being so quick to set me up with tutoring, and I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know looking for tutoring. ~
David H. (parent)
This morning I found James. practicing aloud for his French oral test and I just about passed out! I asked how he thinks he will do and he said, “I already know it (the material)–I just thought I’d go over it just in case.” WOW!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
Belinda F. (parent)
Eric is responding well to tutoring. After meeting with you he had his best exam grade in Spanish. Same thing happened in math!
Laurie O (parent)
Just thought I’d let you know that Sam got a 97% on her latest math test and has a A in math right now. WOOT!!!!
Doug P. (parent)
Olivia seems to be a changed person. This morning she was reviewing her grades and noting missing assignments!
Phil H. (parent)
I just wanted you to know that after you left we had an extremely great night with Cole. He fought a bit on math, but did work hard. He then rocked on his science. I challenged him to finish an entire page in 30 minutes and he did it all including reading [a] PowerPoint from [his] teacher . . . in less than 15 minutes.
Becky S. (parent)
PS – Robyn has done extraordinarily well in math this year. Her average for the fall exceeded 100%. The work with Peak really helped get her what she needed.
Colleen S. (parent)
This semester Julie seems to have a better handle on keeping up, and even getting ahead. That has earned her extra credit already in English. Thanks for all of your help, I know it has helped her in many ways.
Marsha C (school counselor)
You are a life saver for us. I’m so glad our families found you and told us about your company. If you ever need a reference for work with parents or with other counselors in other schools, I’m the person!
Joe C.
I really enjoy the one-on-one tutoring and I have a seen a change in my academics since I have gone to Peak. Peak really is a great place to learn, study, and creat habits that benfit in and out of the classroom.
Libby L.
Peak Learning Solutions is awesome! I loved working with the teachers there. I started with ACT prep and then decided to get some help with Alg II/Trig and academic skills.
Josh A.
My son has ADD and his school counselor recommended Peak for Academic Coaching and it was AMAZING! His grades have really improved since he started going to Peak. We've also seen a major difference in his attitude and effort, but best of all we're no longer constantly arguing with him over his school work. Highly Recommended!
Julie H.
Peak Learning Solutions is AMAZING! My daughter worked with them from 8th-12th grade, but never on the same thing twice. We initially visited them to help her to build up the skills she needed to thrive in high school. Through their coaching service, she learned the skills necessary to manage her time and direct her efforts to achieve her goals. We then used their content service to help with Dr. More's Pre-IB Chemistry class at GW - what a good investment! Finally, Peak helped my daughter throughout high school with her math classes and with her ACT preparation - she scored in the 30s!
Lauren M.
Peak Learning Solutions has been an integral part of my education since I was in 8th grade. When I was younger I trouble with time management because along with school I trained with a pre-professional dance company. The staff at Peak not only helped me with time management, but also with ACT/SAT Prep, test anxiety and difficult school work. Now I am going to school at the University of Colorado-Denver where I continue working with a tutor from Peak Learning Solutions who helps me manage my time being a student who works three part time jobs! Would definitely recommend peak to anyone who needs a little extra help with school!
Mary Beth C.
Thanks so much to Andrew and the coaches at Peaxh learning solutions for all their help with both our sons. They are thriving in college and high school in part, because of their ability to break things down.
Tom C..
Andrew was an excellent tutor, as were the rest of the people who worked there. The community there was open, fun, and engaging and I enjoyed my time being tutored for the 3 years I went there during high school.