Tam Sayer – Co-Director of Education

BA Education – Alvescot College, Oxford, England, Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ
Masters Certification PMP – Villanova University, PA

Tam started her career in special education in the UK, where she was born and raised. Her teaching experience led her to work in private industry in professional training and development, and from there to Higher Education at Edinburgh University, Scotland. She also trained as a therapist with an organization called Relate. After moving to the US in the mid 90’s she worked in special education at the middle/high school level for several years before transitioning back into the private industry and Higher Education. She continued to teach life skills and academic coaching combining both her counseling and teaching skills. She then worked at the University at Albany, NY as Assistant Director for Education and Electronic Research Administration. She moved to Southport several years ago, working in Educational Consultancy, but quickly realized how much she missed working with students and teaching/ academic coaching. She also acts as a Home Visitor Advisor for Samara’s Village, a nonprofit organization for teen pregnancy and parenting services, and is on the Board of Directors for Coach-Ed, a nonprofit organization for Cystic Fibrosis patients and their families. Coach-Ed was founded in 2011 in memory of Tam’s son. In her free time Tam enjoys interior design, swimming, cooking and music, and being with her family.