Negean Mohi

BA – Film Studies, Florida Atlantic University
MFA – Florida Atlantic University

Negean Mohi is a published poet and an avid writer. She obtained her MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry from Florida Atlantic University, where she taught ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 to university freshmen. She has been a College Composition professor since 2013. Before instructing English, Negean has worked the past five summers as the Creative Writing Director of the TOPS summer camp that specializes in nurturing gifted young pianists. In addition to her many experiences in teaching, she was also a Creative Arts Instructor for Blue Planet Writer’s Bazaar, a non-profit organization that teaches arts integration to low-funded elementary schools in Palm Beach County. Negean enjoys teaching by relating to her students in order to find the most effective approach for their study needs. With a concentration in English, reading, and writing, Negean continues to accumulate areas of study expertise including all humanities courses, and the ever-helpful study skills courses. She is fueled with the passion for creating a learning atmosphere that adapts to each individual student’s learning capabilities.