Krishna Patel

MS Chemical Engineering - UC Berkeley
BS Chemical Engineering - UC Irvine
BS Chemistry - UC Irvine

Krishna was born in India and moved to the states during high school. During high school, Krishna enjoyed studying math, physics and chemistry. As a result, he decided to get B.S degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from UC Irvine. He then received his M.S from UC Berkeley in Chemical Engineering with a focus in Product Development - a program designed to innovate a new product and bring it to the market through business processes. 

Krishna has over 5 years of tutoring/teaching experience, both one-on-one as well as in classroom settings with 30+ students. He started tutoring as early as his senior year in high school and has since taught at private organizations and at universities in California during his undergraduate and graduate educational career. Specific courses he has taught include Geometry, Algebra I & II, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, SAT Math and ACT Math & Science. He has also done online tutoring and created online chemistry course content for a learning organization.

Krishna likes teaching because he gets a chance to learn about different perspectives and different students’ approaches to learning.  During his free time, he likes playing tennis, ping pong and exploring new foods and restaurants.